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2012-Oct-17 23:13 - Ass of my wife
anal mature I must, like all men, had always dreamed about anal sex. Now, of course, completely different generation, but my first time at all with a woman was with my wife - my beautiful, with a pretty figure, beautiful as the peach halves, breasts, beautiful ass, sharp hips and hands full The kids anal video watch.
After the wedding, about 5-6 days, my father told me, son, do you not, you run it right after dinner, do not sit with us after dinner - again to her. Indeed, after the wedding, I led off the afternoon his wife in her room (and the first time we were living with our parents), and kissed her, hugged, and then all went to the most joyous time for me to engage in - I was part of it, and we become one. Later in the evening everything was repeated with the only difference - we did it all night, sleeping fitfully between the main occupation.
Like all young people at that time, I was looking for books on different techniques, and at night my wife and I tried to repeat the fact that the day before I proofread once little book. By the time we have lived in a separate two-bedroom apartment, where literally all of the useful area of ​​the apartment I used to love joys. The woman gave herself to me with the same joy that I did. I do not believe every story about the girl, losing effectiveness, then gets an orgasm. It is all lies cumshot girl in anal. My wife first came, as we say to the guys at the time, but on the sixth day. I felt her body suddenly trembled, and she started to squeeze my thighs around, but inside it's all tightened and my cock hard to go back and forth, which caused me a greater desire. After that she lay for ten minutes with eyes open and she told me as I feel good.
Since then, it ends at a time on my two or three times, and I consider myself the luckiest man in the world that God has sent a wife.
Of course, then over time I cheated on his wife, and two times I had to deal with virgins. But then they came to talk only after a few times, ending orgasm.
Now the main thing. One of the magazines I read at the time, that in Spain almost all women give men in the ass. I read this note to his wife, but heard only the angry fu! . The thought of it never left me, and I always imagined how I go to his wife in the ass, and how we deal with this matter in the bed.
Soon, his wife became pregnant, and we're still having sex, trying to follow those instructions, which I also read in a magazine about sex with a pregnant until the last week, so we wanted and loved each other.
When his wife gave birth, I
After her return from the hospital, began to stick to the third or fourth night for it - here a break, all tense, already reduces muscle - so want my beauty. Well, after a failure, I asked: is it possible in the ass? What are you, crazy? - She said at first. But then, seeing as I am suffering, she went to bed, his back turned to me and offered his ass. I began to squeeze lower, but when I got there, no amount of grease helped my penis to go inside. It is only in the stories of women in the porn sites they immediately let in her anus 20-centimeter giants, writhing in pleasure and ending immediately and unconditionally. I could not do it, so his wife held her from fear of pain the ass, and finished by sliding member between the buttocks. We have tried several times to do it, but even when I was able to go inside, she began to wail hurt and I got out of it. Soon it's all healed after birth and again we were having sex, making up, in the words wife lost in childbirth.
A few years later we watched porn Marco Polo, where the main character after vaginal sex always finished in the ass, and then have sex. Suddenly, my wife said to me and let us in the ass! At first I thought it had misheard, but then realized and slowly introduce a member of the anal opening. Indeed, the need to grease the good members, while easier to get in the ass. The woman in this case must choose for themselves, you will never go there, unless you have some beast anal hd online for free. It was very narrow, and I slowly apply pressure to the anus of his wife, helping his head hands, pressing on it. In one, I felt like a failure as a head somewhere and its base tightly surrounding the anus of his wife. Wife oyknuv, immediately asked me to stop, and stood for several minutes, perhaps, getting used to their new experiences. Then I slowly began to enter further and the first sound of his wife stayed. When she said enough, I move your body a little bit here and there, finished it right in the ass.
The next day we continued our studies, after vaginal sex, of course. I already went deeper and started to move in her ass back and forth. There were those strange feelings - the very opening grabs your cock, but when he goes inside - it moves freely. On the third day, I got up on his wife and began a strong movement, and she also has to finish, a loud groan. It was so beautiful, though perhaps with a loved one beautiful: anal, and oral sex, and the most simple - a missionary!
It is a pity that after one of her pregnancy she had the intestine at birth, which is often the case for women in childbirth, and now she can not do it, and I love it and can not rape. Me so well!

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